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Tuesday - March 6, 2001

It's with the greatest sadness I type this out. Khiori, our little shining star, passed away today with the assistance of those who loved her best. While Khiori faced the demons of seizures bravely, it was the ravages of kidney and liver failure to take her little life depriving her of food and water her body desparately needed. Khiori fought bravely for five weeks - but in the end her body slowly gave way. She leaves behind many friends and loved ones - least of all myself. I am most grateful to the Lord for sharing this kind soul with me for her two and a half short years.

If you like to, please leave a short message in Khiori's visitor's book.

I will leave this site intact and hope to add to it in the days to come. It's my hope that others passing by will gain from our experiences with canine epilepsy and know that seizures are not the end. . . just another road less traveled.


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Wednesday - September 27, 2000

It was 4:03 am. We had only gone to sleep about two hours earlier. I was awakened by the sound and motion of what I thought was a fairly decent sized earthquake. It didn't take more than a moment though to realize it was concentrated only on my side of the bed, and all the noise coming from the floor where my little Golden / Aussie Shep liked to sleep.

I jumped up, whacking my husband (Sean) furiously and saying "Get up! Get up now! Khiori's having a seizure!!"

This was our introduction to the world of Canine Epilepsy.

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