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My name is Rachel, I live in California, I'm 37, married for 13 years to Sean and have two dogs. My hobbies are my dogs Solo and Leo, hiking, exploring, enjoying life.

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Books I've read and recommend for Joshua Tree NP:
Road Guide to Joshua Tree National Park ~ Robert Decker

Deserts (Audubon Society Nature Guides) ~ James Macmahon


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Khiori's Solitude

Joshua Tree National Park Geology Tour. September 26, 2004 Sunday

I decided to put my thoughts on the Geology Tour in this manner rather than on one or several blog entries.

This is an eighteen mile motor tour suited best for 4x4 vehicles. We found the road to be fine but it is sandy and washboard. The biggest problem one might run into is getting stuck in deep sand. On the way out you will need to return up an incline for a few miles. If you aren't in a 4x4 vehicle and would like to take the tour then you have two choices. Go as far as marker #9 where you can turn around before the road gets too bad. Or caravan with a 4x4 vehicle who can pull you out of the sand if you happen to get stuck. Do no take this road in an RV. Stay on the road.

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